Ride The Wave

There are plenty of accounting software available in the market. Vertaccount believes that the future of computing is in the cloud, thus we advocate the use of cloud based applications. Why? Because cloud software is simply much more efficient than traditional applications, ultimately saving our clients money.

However, we also believe that our clients should have the freedom to choose the accounting software that is best suited for their needs. Hence, we’ve partnered with the major cloud-based accounting providers.

Our Software Expertise

Our accounting associates are all knowledgeable in the following accounting software:



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


We are still using Windows based MYOB or QuickBooks software. Can we still use your service?

Absolutely. You must allow us to host your software in our server. Hosting your accounting system with us means we back up your data every night plus you can access your data from anywhere.

Alternatively, you can give us remote access to your file if you prefer that, but we require a reliable and fast Internet connection to your system.

Do you migrate accounting systems?

Yes we do and we’ve migrated numerous systems in the past.

What is very popular today is migrating from MYOB to Xero. We have packages just for that. Contact us to learn more about this specific service.

Can you use enterprise class accounting systems?

Yes. In fact, our larger clients have their own systems.